What’s the Best Age to Evaluate My Child for Braces?

Parents want the very best for their children, including a straight smile that they can be proud of. When you start to notice that the teeth may not be properly aligned, you should consider taking them to the dentist to be evaluated for braces. Unfortunately, it is possible that some children will still be too young to receive orthodontic treatment.

You might encounter a lot of conflicting information when it comes to what age a child should be before you consider braces for them. To help you make the right decisions for your children, you will need to know a few of these pointers for choosing the right age.

The early teen years are best

The sooner you can get braces for your child, the better the outcomes typically are. Most experts will recommend that children get braces between the ages of ten and fourteen. At this age, children still have some growing to do with their face and within their mouth. Moving the teeth during this time can be significantly easier than it is later on in life. Your child’s teeth will be a lot more conducive to the process in this age.

Getting braces later might be better for self-conscious kids

Does your child already struggle with self-esteem and identity issues? You might want to wait until later in life to get your child braces if this describes them. A major change in appearance like is typically experienced with braces could be extremely jarring to an already sensitive child. They might be more susceptible to teasing and low self-esteem due to their perceived image of themselves with braces. Parents might want to consider waiting until their teen is more secure in themselves before opting for orthodontia.

Earlier is better for serious problems

If your dentist spots some major problems with your child’s tooth alignment or jaw, you should consider getting braces as soon as they make the recommendation. Waiting for a few years can cause the problem to worsen, requiring more intensive orthodontic work and higher price tag. Children will be stuck wearing their braces for a longer period of time in order to correct a more serious issue.

Overall, orthodontic treatment can really be applied at any age. If your child is struggling due to a misaligned smile or bite, you may want to consider seeking treatment early. A few warning signs that your child needs braces could include:

  • Difficulty with chewing and biting food
  • Clearly misaligned teeth
  • Shifting jaw
  • Frequent bites on the mouth
  • Teeth that do not touch at all

At Markham Dental Centre, we are proud to have experienced dentists who can help answer your questions about children’s orthodontics. Our team of experienced professionals can help you to decide when the time is right to evaluate and start treating your child’s dental issues with braces. You can always bring your child to the dentist to allow us to have a look and discuss your options whenever you see an issue arise.