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Dental Lumineers in Winnipeg

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Lumineers Near You

If you are looking to improve your smile permanently, without having to worry about a painful procedure, you may want to consider Lumineers. At Markham Dental, we offer Lumineers in Winnipeg to patients as a different option to porcelain veneers. While porcelain veneers provide a way to conceal minor cosmetic imperfections such as stains and chips, they require tooth enamel reduction in order to be bonded to the surface of your teeth.

Since Lumineers are extremely thin, their application requires almost no reduction to your teeth. They are adhered to your teeth and set in place with a special curing light. This process is less invasive than the procedure for porcelain veneers, and patients find that they experience little to no symptoms post-procedure.

Benefits of Lumineers

While porcelain veneers are thicker than Lumineers and usually require a more in-depth and permanent removal of the tooth’s front surface, Lumineers are paper-thin. They often don’t need any change to the structure of your tooth to be applied. As well, the preparation for porcelain veneers usually requires numbing agents to minimize sensitivity. Lumineers give you the chance to acquire the smile you’ve always wanted without requiring you to undergo complicated and invasive treatments. They can address problems such as:

  • Correction of a crooked smile
  • Restoration of chipped teeth
  • Brightening teeth
  • Correction of discoloration
  • Elimination of gaps and chips in the teeth

Looking for Lumineers Near You?

While porcelain veneers are an excellent option for many, you may want to consider getting Lumineers if you are looking for a less invasive, effective way to achieve a bright and radiant-looking smile.

If you are looking into Lumineers in Winnipeg, Markham Dental offers Lumineers as an option for cosmetic dental treatment. We want to help you achieve a smile that you can feel proud of. Please contact our clinic to schedule a consultation today.