Diabetes and Your Smile

Diabetes is an illness that can affect every facet of your health. You should visit your dentist regularly for a lot of different reasons but one of them is because your dentist can spot early … Read More

Tooth Sensitivity

Sensitive teeth are a hot topic – they’re a cold one, too. Bad dental jokes aside, sensitivity can be a real issue. It can make it uncomfortable to eat, which can have negative impacts on … Read More

Sports and Your Teeth

Ask anyone outside Canada what our national sport is, and they’ll almost definitely answer that it’s hockey. That’s actually true; apocryphal stories will tell you that our national sport is lacrosse, which is also true. … Read More

Oral Health and General Health

Our bodies are extraordinarily complex; a number of mind-boggling systems within them are constantly interacting, changing how we feel, how we act, how much energy we have, and much more. We’re still uncovering new and … Read More

Night Guards

Teeth grinding is a pretty common problem in Canada. According to the Canadian Sleep Society, about 8% of adults and 13% of children in Canada grind their teeth during their sleep, a problem known as … Read More

Stay Hydrated

Canada’s Food Guide recommends making water your drink of choice. You hear all about how we’re not drinking enough water, how you should be drinking 8 glasses of water a day, and how sugary, sweet … Read More

Oral Health and Travelling

Summer is finally here, in all of its splendor! I quite like spending the summer in and around Winnipeg; it’s gorgeous here this time of year, and I’d rather get away in the winter. That … Read More

Understanding Your Dental Exam

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There are things that can happen in your life without you even realizing they’re happening. As a kid, you probably had a nice, clean home – you probably didn’t even think about all the work … Read More