Dental Travel Tips

Winter is almost upon us, and that means, for some lucky people, traveling to much warmer destinations. We hope you are one of these and that you get a chance to enjoy some warm, sandy beaches while other people in Winnipeg are shovelling their driveways and brushing snow off of windshields. Before you go on your grand adventure, though, you should keep a few dental travel tips in mind:

Tip #1: Visit Your Dentist Before You Leave

Imagine going on a vacation only to find you’ve developed a tooth infection or that one of your fillings has come loose. There are a lot of dental problems that can be spotted before you leave. What’s more, some people are prone to forgetting about dental hygiene while they’re soaking in the rays. While we advise you to follow the same oral health routine you normally would, a visit to your hygienist before you leave can only help. 

Tip #2: Handling Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies can be a tricky thing when you’re abroad. Dentists in other countries may operate under different rules so you might not get the standard of care that you’re used to. What’s more, your dental insurance will likely not cover problems that come up abroad, and you might not even know where to find a good dentist to begin with. You should get travel insurance that includes dental coverage. That’s another great reason to visit your dentist before going – we can ensure that you don’t have pre-existing conditions. Keep your dentist’s business card handy while overseas so if you come across what seems like an emergency, you can call them to find out if you need to go a dentist immediately or if you can wait until you come home. You can also consider talking to your embassy in the country you’re in to find a good dentist.

Tip #3: Storing Your Toothbrush

Toothbrushes are normally air-dried, helping to get rid of any bacteria. When you store your toothbrush in a travel container, it doesn’t get the chance to air dry, and the moist environment creates a breeding ground for all kinds of nasty microbes. Use a resealable plastic bag for storage during travel, and when you get to your destination, take the brush out of the bag to let it breathe.

Tip #4: You Forgot Your Toothbrush

People forget all kinds of things when they travel, and your toothbrush might not be high on your list of priorities when you’re excited to go on a vacation. You’ve got a few options: clean your finger really thoroughly, apply toothpaste to it, and brush your teeth with your finger. Or, buy a pack of gum –  it’s not great, but it helps a bit. Our preferred option? Buy a toothbrush. They’re usually pretty inexpensive and well worth it. 

Call your Winnipeg dental clinic and we’ll keep your teeth as healthy as possible for your next vacation.