When Are Dental Implants Needed?

Whenever you have a missing tooth, you might immediately wonder whether you have to get a dental implant to replace it. Implants can be a great alternative to dentures for people who still want to have a natural-looking smile. Dental implants are said to be the next closest thing to real teeth because they are fitted to be extremely stable in the gums without bone deterioration. The question is, when should you really go ahead and get your dental implants?

Here are a few key concerns that often come up when considering whether you could benefit from dental implants.

You are having a hard time eating

The most obvious reason to consider getting dental implants is when you are having a difficult time eating. Continuing to chew on your gums can actually cause jaw deterioration if the jaw doesn’t have a tooth to support. Not only are you struggling to digest your food because it hasn’t been chewed properly, but you are creating a more serious long-term issue. Without correcting the problem, you might not be able to have dental implants in the future.

Your face looks noticeably different

Most people know that a few missing teeth can seriously alter the structure of your face. Your cheeks may sink in or the skin might sag around the areas that no longer have teeth. If you want to make your face look the way it once did, you might need dental implants to help fill out your mouth again. This is a great way to improve your overall self-esteem and give you a boost of confidence.

You feel uncomfortable with the idea of dentures

Dentures are one option if you need to replace an entire mouth full of teeth. However, many people prefer to avoid this option because they know how tricky it can be to keep the teeth in their mouth. Dentures might fall out when you laugh or talk. Even your speech can be obviously affected by these false teeth. With dental implants, you have the security of knowing that your teeth are installed firmly in your mouth. It can decrease the amount of time you have to spend thinking about your teeth on a daily basis.

You want to enjoy your favorite foods

There is a long list of foods you just can’t eat while wearing dentures. Dental implants make eating much easier by allowing you to eat just like you always have. You should be able to bite into any food and enjoy it without fear of losing your teeth. They won’t fit uncomfortably or threaten to pop out of your mouth like dentures. Even better, they could last up to a lifetime.

It’s possible for you to have a completely natural smile after dental implants. Your dentists at Markham Dental Centre can walk you through the process of getting a brand-new smile using teeth that will look just like your own. You can live your life without allowing your teeth to control you when you have a solid set of dental implants in place of your natural teeth.