When Braces are Necessary?


Orthodontia can definitely rack up some bills, but most people wonder whether they or their children really need a straighter smile. Many times, it seems that braces are suggested for a purely cosmetic issue. Orthodontists can fix a smile that isn’t quite perfect and align a few teeth that seem to be just a hair out of place. When it can all be done for a few thousand dollars, it makes sense that some families would question the necessity of braces.

On the other hand, there are some instances where braces are actually necessary to help promote long-term oral health. More than four million people in Canada and the United States are currently seeing an orthodontist. Many people are clearly buying into braces and other orthodontic work. How do you know when braces are actually necessary? Take a look at these top signs that you or your child actually needs braces to correct a much larger issue.

Improved Oral Health

Children who have an issue with crowded mouths or crooked teeth often have a difficult time brushing and flossing properly. Their bristles can’t reach into the crevices and areas between their crowded teeth. Bacteria love this issue because they are free to build up and run rampant for long periods of time. When it isn’t treated, you will start to see bigger issues in the years ahead including halitosis, tooth decay, and gum disease. Braces can guide teeth back where they belong, making them easier to take care of over the long run.

Improved Speech

Does your child struggle with pronunciation? It could be caused by an inability to put their mouth in the proper position. Teeth that aren’t where they should be can cause problems when you try to move your mouth in a particular way. If speech therapy isn’t helping much, aligning the teeth and correcting any issues with the bite or jaw may help improve speech.

Better Bite

When you bite into something, the alignment of your teeth makes a big difference on how successful you are. Their placement influences the stress on your jaw as well as the wear and tear on certain teeth. Orthodontists can help you to bite into things more easily and avoid the tenderness that comes from an overworked jaw muscle. Aligning your teeth can correct crowding that often leads to issues with your bite and jaw.

Fewer Sores

Some people spend a great deal of time in pain when they have misaligned teeth. They may inadvertently chomp down on their tongue or bite the sides of their mouth. Depending on the severity and the frequency, this can cause extreme discomfort that makes eating and enjoying daily life nearly impossible. Braces could greatly improve the quality of life for someone who struggles with these painful sores on a regular basis.

Of course, sometimes braces are necessary to improve your physical appearance if you struggle with self-esteem issues. Braces can definitely improve the look and feel of your smile, as well as improve your overall oral health. When you’re ready to seek braces, be sure to contact Markham Dental Centre, the professional Winnipeg dentist!