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Veneers are egg-shell thin porcelain facings that are cemented onto the visible front portion of a patients tooth. Veneers are the most esthetic option for patient to improve the looks of their teeth. Do you have chipped teeth? stained teeth? discoloured teeth? small teeth? crooked teeth? spaced teeth? The procedure is a a fast, pain-free option to create life-changing smiles in less than a week. Each patients veneers are custom made, with custom shading and glazing at our lab. Our results are virtually undetectable. We can also provide wax-ups or mock-ups to give patients an idea of what their smile makeover would look like if they choose. Your dentist will have chosen a shade of porcelain for your veneer that they expect will result in a close match with your tooth's neighboring teeth. But because it's translucent, its precise color can be fine tuned by way of the shade of the cement that's used to bond it in place.

Best Practises

No special care is required for your Dental veneers. It's best to continue to follow typical oral health practices, such as brushing, flossing, and rinsing with mouthwash. For the most part, they will resist stains, but a dentist may recommend that you avoid stain-causing foods and beverages (i.e.: red wine or Tim Horton's coffee). You may always ask your dentist questions around specific foods known to stain.

Does your smile make you feel self-conscious about teeth that are uneven, chipped, cracked, or extremely discolored? Many patients wish there was a quick and easy way to improve the appearance of their smile, but there aren’t many solutions to some of those issues. Dentists can often repair a cavity with a quality filling, but there are no solutions for small teeth or chipped edges – until now.

Applying a dental veneer could be your ticket to creating the smile you’ve been dreaming of. This is a purely aesthetic process that involves placing a porcelain facing over the front of your tooth. The veneer is custom made in our lab to fit each individual mouth and tooth comfortably.

Are you worried about how the process itself will go? Placing a dental veneer on your teeth is a quick and painless procedure that gives you a new smile in less than a week. Using a cement bonding adhesive, your veneers are carefully applied to the front of your teeth. Markham Dental Centre can even give you an idea of what the finished result will look like using wax-ups or mock-ups before the procedure is officially completed.

We go to extreme lengths to ensure that the exact color of the tooth will match the rest of your smile. When we make a dental veneer, we will blend the shade of your new facing with the color of the teeth surrounding it. Then, our lab can formulate your thin veneer using shade-matching techniques and glazing.

Your dentist can even adjust the shade slightly using the cement compound on the day your veneers are placed. The porcelain veneer is relatively translucent which allows for these minor modifications on the day of placement. Using this method, your veneer fits in seamlessly with the rest of your teeth.

You won’t have to treat your veneers any differently either. Patients are encouraged to keep up with their current dental hygiene routine without any modifications. Routine brushing, flossing, and rinsing with mouthwash will keep your dental veneers in great shape for a beautiful and long-lasting smile. These new dental veneers are highly stain-resistant, though you should make some effort not to consume excess amounts of coffee, soda, or red wine.

Many patients could benefit from the application of these simple tools to make their smile more beautiful. While they can help to improve the overall appearance of discolored teeth, they can also correct alignment and spacing issues visually. Small teeth can be covered with a larger veneer to give you the appearance of a full and healthy smile. With veneers, patients can create the illusion of a perfect smile without drastic intervention.

Dental veneers are a seamless way to achieve the smile you’ve always wanted but didn’t think was possible. We can transform the way you look in less than a week with these permanent and durable porcelain coverings that make your teeth appear perfect. Get ready to shine with your new smile!

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