Many people do not favor tooth extraction as they think it’s too painful. They would rather live with the pain in their mouth. However, getting your tooth pulled is a bittersweet experience in that you may suffer some discomfort momentarily but enjoy a sweet relief once the bad tooth has been extracted.

Waiting too long before heading off to a dentist near you for a tooth extraction almost always results in additional problems.

What are some signs that show you need to have your tooth extracted?


Experiencing Pain in Your Jawbone or Gums

You’ll know for sure you need tooth extraction near you once you experience severe or continuous pain in your jaw or gum area. It tells you something isn’t right, either a deep cavity or an infected tooth.

Additional symptoms include:

● Swelling, bleeding, or sensitivity towards the back of your mouth.
● Unexplained bad breath that does not go away.
● Pain in your neck, mouth, and jaw.
● Headaches that originate from the jaw

When suffering from any of the symptoms mentioned here, be sure to set up an emergency appointment with your dentist in Winnipeg.


Loose Teeth May Show the Need for Tooth Extraction

The moment you notice you have a loose tooth, make a plan to visit your dentist to find out why. There are several reasons for this. Once a dentist establishes your roots are beyond repair, they will suggest a tooth extraction in Winnipeg.

Following the tooth extraction, the dentist may place dental implants to compensate for the missing teeth. Doing so will protect you against gum and jawbone resorption and fully restore oral function.


Fractured Tooth Down to the Root and Below the Gum Line

Should you have fractured teeth that go beyond the root of your tooth or just below your gum line area, you must make a point of seeing your dentist. Fractures often lead to severe pain that is very sharp and unbearable. You must look for help, sooner than later. You want to avoid unnecessary complications.

Other Reasons for Pulling Your Teeth

Even though permanent teeth have been designed to last you a long time, there are all sorts of reasons why they need to be extracted.

One of the main reasons is decay, trauma, or a badly damaged tooth.

Additional reasons include:

● Infection: When the damage extends to your pulp, or you face tooth decay, the chances are good that bacteria can make their way into the pulp and result in infection. Generally speaking, RCT or an antibiotic might sort it out. If it does not cure it, you have no other alternative than to extract your tooth.
● Crowded Mouth: Dentists would pull your teeth in preparation for orthodontia, which is a procedure to align your teeth. Something that is not possible when your teeth are too big for your mouth.
● At-Risk of Infection: Your immune system might be compromised if you are about to have an organ transplant or in line for chemotherapy. The mere risk of facing infection in one of your teeth will be enough reason to avoid pulling your tooth.


What You Can Expect From Tooth Extraction

Oral surgeons and dentists are qualified to perform tooth extractions. Before they pull your tooth, you will get an injection in your gums as a local anesthetic to help number the area where your tooth is about to be pulled out. In various cases, dental experts like Markham Dental Centre would make use of a stronger general anesthetic so the pain can sleep through the entire removal procedure.