How Long Do Teeth Whitening Results Last?

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Are you ready for a brighter smile that can dazzle your friends and family members? You may have tried store-bought remedies that promise to whiten your teeth by several shades, but they aren’t as effective as professional versions. An experienced dentist can help you to significantly whiten your teeth in no time at all. In fact, these procedures continue to increase in popularity because they can change your appearance quickly and easily. It is now the most requested cosmetic service out of all the available options.

Even with the increased popularity, many people are holding off on receiving their treatment. They wonder if their investment in the whitening is going to be worthwhile. After all, how long do the results of teeth whitening last? Find out more about what you can expect from this service before you book your first appointment!

The results depend on what type of service you get

Not all teeth whitening procedures are created equally. It’s important to know what you can expect from the different options available on the market today. This can help you to make a wiser investment in your teeth whitening procedure and give you the results you are dreaming of.


Let’s start with the most popular teeth whitening option that most people will try first: store-bought whitening strips and gels. These products can take several weeks to yield results and may not give you the bright white smile you were hoping for. Many of them can only brighten teeth by one or two shades. The effects of these weaker whitening services might only last a few weeks to months depending on how diligent you are about reapplying it to the teeth.

Kits purchased from a dentist for home use will last a little longer because they are slightly stronger. You can expect a few months of whiter teeth from one of these kits. In addition, you may be able to whiten teeth by two to three shades.

An in-office procedure will give you the brightest white and the longest-lasting shade of white available. This can last anywhere from six months to three years depending on your daily habits. You may need a small touch-up in between treatments to keep your smile bright depending on your lifestyle choices.

What can I do to make it last longer?

The best thing you can do to sustain your teeth whitening procedure is to change your lifestyle choices. You will want to avoid items that you know can stain your teeth significantly such as red wine or coffee. Cigarettes and other tobacco products can also stain the teeth and should be avoided altogether. Avoiding these items can produce long-lasting effects that leave you feeling more confident about the shade of your smile.

Are you ready to get a brighter smile with just one session? Call Markham Dental Centre and ask about our teeth whitening services! We can give you the smile you need to feel more confident about who you are and who you could be.