Should I Get Transparent Braces?

Are you worried about the bulky look of shiny metal brackets weighing down your smile while you straighten it? Individuals who are determined to stick with traditional braces might still want to consider going with a transparent version. These transparent braces are equipped with ceramic, plastic, or porcelain brackets instead of metal. Color changes like this make your straightening process a little less noticeable for some people.

Before you make a decision on getting transparent braces, you should know a few of these key differences. Making an informed decision is going to be crucial to getting braces that are the right fit for you.

Transparent braces blend in better with light-colored teeth

The shade of everyone’s teeth is bound to be a little different. Individuals who have lighter teeth that are closer to bright white might enjoy the transparent braces more than those who have colored teeth. You might be able to have your “transparent” braces tinted slightly to help match the color of the tooth better. Otherwise, you may prefer metal brackets and the way they will look on darker teeth.

Transparent braces aren’t as durable

You probably already know that there is a significant difference in the durability of metal and ceramic. Metal is extremely durable and difficult to damage without some serious effort. On the other hand, ceramic and porcelain can chip and crack easily over time. People with transparent braces might experience more issues that require emergency visits if you participate in rough sports or enjoy eating harder or stickier foods.

Transparent braces are better for minimal orthodontic work

One of the biggest factors in selecting the right braces is deciding how much work actually needs to be done on your smile. Ceramic braces can’t withstand the same degree of pressure as metal brackets. This means that you will have a more difficult time achieving a perfectly straight smile with ceramic brackets if you need extensive and serious correction. Metal brackets are a more durable and stronger option if you need drastic correction in your alignment.

Transparent braces are likely more expensive

When you compare metal braces and transparent ones, you should be aware that there is likely a cost difference between the two. Insurance may minimize the difference so that this doesn’t become a deciding factor. However, you should know that metal brackets are the less expensive option if you happen to be paying for your orthodontia out of pocket. You will need to check with your dentist or orthodontist about the specific costs of each type before making a final decision.

Most people will have to consider braces at some point to correct minor or major issues with their smile. Straightening your teeth wearing braces can mean making a lot of choices about which option is right for you. You have to make a decision that is going to allow you to be comfortable and confident while your dentist works on straightening your smile until it’s as beautiful as you imagined. Markham Dental Centre can help guide you when it comes to making this all-important decision.