Fast Fix: Bleeding Gums

One of the most common problems for individuals who are working to improve their oral health is bleeding gums. Sore, tender, and bleeding gums are often one of the first signs of gingivitis. Fortunately, this common condition can be reversible before it leads to more extensive periodontal disease. In order to combat the gingivitis, you will have to work through the bleeding gums but how?

Individuals who suffer from bleeding gums know how difficult it can be to manage on a daily basis. It’s embarrassing to show up at the office with the blood-soaked teeth of a vampire. It also leaves the terrible metallic taste of blood in your mouth throughout the day. No matter how you look at it, bleeding gums need to be stopped as quickly as possible. Take a look at some of these tips from our knowledgeable dentists for how to stop the bleeding more efficiently.

Salt Water Rinse

Maybe you’ve always known that salt water was the cure for many common ailments. The salt can dry up bacteria in wounds and promote faster healing times. The same is true for patients that have bleeding gums. A simple salt water rinse can help you to stop the bleeding and cause the gums to heal more quickly.

It’s recommended to combine your salt water rinse with hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Prepare a mixture of half salt and half baking soda in a small dish. Dip your toothbrush in hydrogen peroxide followed by the salt and baking soda mixture. Then use this to brush your teeth and gums, being certain to massage it into the bleeding areas. Follow it by rinsing with saltwater.

Take caution with this method if you have high blood pressure.


This is perhaps the sweetest way to stop bleeding gums in a hurry. The viscous liquid is known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Take a small dollop of honey and massage it into the bleeding areas a few times throughout the day. It will taste delicious (especially compared to the metallic tang of blood) and help to eliminate the bleeding.

Warm Milk

Milk contains all kinds of vitamins that are essential to good oral health, including calcium and vitamin K. Soothe your gums and help to restore their strength using a glass of milk. Whenever you start to notice the bleeding appear, heat up a glass of milk and sip it. Swish it around your mouth before swallowing to ensure it coats all areas of the gums that could be affected.

Quit Smoking

Did you know that the chemicals in your cigarettes can actually detract from the healthy elements your gums are supposed to receive? Over time, this deprivation of nutrients leads to inflammation. Chronically irritated and sore gums are far more likely to transition into the bleeding stages than those that are relatively healthy.

While smoking a cigarette may not immediately cause your gums to bleed, it certainly contributes to the issue and could be a hidden cause. Kicking the habit is one of the most effective things you can do to improve your health quickly. Particularly when it comes to your oral health, you drastically reduce your risk of developing periodontal disease when you stop smoking.

Learn to Relax

Do you find that you’re constantly under a lot of stress that you find difficult to manage? High stress levels can contribute to more inflammation, particularly in your gums. Because your immune system doesn’t function effectively when your body is under stress, it can take longer for these bleeding gums to heal.

Take the first steps toward relaxation in order to stop the blood flow. Take a yoga class, practice the art of mindfulness, or simply make relaxation a daily priority. You’ll not only have a healthier mouth, but your entire body and mind will feel better over time.

Coconut oil

Oil pulling has become all the rage among natural health enthusiasts who want to create a brighter smile. However, it can also help to kill bacteria in your mouth and restore important antioxidants to the teeth and gums. Take a tablespoon of coconut oil and swish it around your mouth for ten to fifteen minutes. Spit and rinse it out when finished for a less painful smile.


Pay Attention to Oral Health

The best way to stop bleeding and to prevent it moving forward is to pay closer attention to your oral health. Many of us brush our teeth in the morning on auto-pilot without paying much attention to ensure that every area is being taken care of properly. This inattention to detail gives bacteria the opportunity to find a home and to thrive.

It may be painful at first, but you need to brush away the bacteria that are in the sore parts of your mouth. This can help to promote overall healing and to keep the infection from going any further. Brushing and flossing are essential to disrupting the bacteria that is currently thriving in your mouth.

Don’t Share the Bacteria

If your bleeding gums are the result of a bacterial infestation, you don’t want to share that with other people. Keep your drinks and your food to yourself to keep the bleeding gums from spreading. This may also apply to kissing a partner who has bleeding gums or if you have them yourself.

Make Some Tea

Tea bags contain tannic acid, which is great for lowering inflammation and killing bacteria. You can fix and soothe bleeding gums quickly using a cup of tea. Simply heat up your water and allow the tea to steep for ten to fifteen minutes. Remove the tea bag and allow it to cool for a few moments before placing the bags on your gums. They can rest here for five minutes. You don’t necessarily have to drink the cup of tea if you don’t want to.

If you want to stop bleeding gums in a hurry, these top tips will help you to gain immediate relief and stop the infection long-term. Evaluate what you can do for your oral health today to improve your chances of keeping a healthy smile well into the future. Contact Markham Dental Centre today to see how we can help!