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Markham Dental Centre is proud to provide all of the dentistry services you could possibly need. We believe that good oral health is essential to maintaining a lifetime of overall health. Our experienced dentists, Dr. Leon Stein and Dr. Stephanie Sokal, can help you to manage your smile in the best way possible for long-term success. With more than thirty years of experience, Markham Dental Centre wants to provide an excellent service to help support your long-term dental health.

Should I do a checkup?

We can start with routine cleanings by an experienced dental hygienist. They will scale your teeth to remove mineralized plaque in areas that are missed by daily brushing and flossing. Even with excellent dental hygiene, you may still experience some of this buildup over several months. Without this removal, you can develop more serious issues that can lead to fillings or root canals.

Your dental hygienist can advise you on how to care for your teeth and may also offer advice about contributing factors to plaque buildup. As necessary, they could offer diet recommendations that pertain to your oral health. Certain types of food and drink can cause staining and other preventable issues to your teeth over time. Similarly, we may also offer smoking cessation information.

While you’re in the office, one of our experienced dentists will take a look at your teeth as well. They may use lights, dental picks, and other equipment to help spot decayed areas that need repair. Patients are also examined for early signs of periodontal disease by checking the gums and bones surrounding your teeth. This is a great time ask any questions you may have about your oral health, including routine care you can do at home to prevent future issues.

If we do identify an issue with your teeth, we can arrange to have them corrected quickly to keep your pain and discomfort to a minimum. Markham Dental Centre can provide white or silver fillings, root canals, and more as necessary. Emergency appointments are available if you have pain that needs to be addressed immediately.

Good oral health isn’t just for adults. We also have plenty of experience in making dental work fun for kids who visit our office. Children as young as one year old can have a seat in our chairs, where they will watch movies while we work. Even in our reception room, children can enjoy our wide-screen plasma televisions and our video game center. Coming to the dentist suddenly becomes a lot cooler when we can keep the kids entertained!

For kids, we offer routine cleanings, sealants, baby crowns, root canals, extractions, and more. Our top priority is making children feel at ease in the dentist’s office with our warm and caring environment.

Whether you’re young, old, or somewhere in between, Markham Dental Centre can take care of all your routine dental needs. Allow us to help you protect your smile for the years ahead with our general dentistry services for kids and adults.

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