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Dental Crown Winnipeg

Dental crowns, additionally referred to as dental caps, are used for a variety of reasons, which includes covering broken or cracked teeth and protecting a tooth after the placement of a large filling or a root canal. At our Winnipeg dental office, the dentist places both all-ceramic crowns, as well as metal-fused-to-ceramic, tooth-colored crowns. Both are secure and strong, and they appear natural, so no one has to know you had any dental work done.

If you are missing a tooth, we may use either a dental bridge or crown to restore a full smile. Used along with dental implants, bridges and crowns fill in the gap that is left by missing teeth to return you back to a smile that functions, feels, and looks fantastic.

Quickly Restore Function and Appearance with Crowns

Has your tooth all of a sudden become cracked or chipped because of an unfortunate sporting injury? Maybe you bit down on a crunchy, hard food source and it ruined your tooth. Whatever the reason, our outstanding team provides crowns for all of your dental needs. If you need treatment for your damaged tooth, our staff is prepared to offer you a quick dental restoration which gives the performance and look of real teeth.

In all walks of life, making a good first impression is crucial. Smiles are a big contributor to those first impressions; therefore, the importance of having a smile you’re proud to show off cannot be understated. If decaying, cracked, or chipped teeth have you feeling less than confident about your appearance, turn to our experienced dentist for crowns in Winnipeg.

You do not need to spend another day being concerned with having an imperfect smile and its effect upon your professional and personal lives. At Markham Dental Centre, our dental staff and dentist is devoted to making you like your smile again. We have more than 10 years of experience doing functional and aesthetic restorations. We are ready to restore the numerous functions of your teeth using porcelain crowns which provide you a smile that is certain to leave other people glowing with envy.

winnipeg dental crown
dental crown winnipeg

Our staff assists patients in earning the dazzling smiles they have dreamed of by restoring and reshaping their damaged teeth. We’re proud to provide gorgeous porcelain crowns to those looking to improve the aesthetics of their smile.

Customized crowns may be created to match the natural teeth and blend in with the remainder of your mouth. Additionally, porcelain may last as many as 15 years with the right care. Best of all, practicing correct dental hygiene is simple with crowns because it’s possible to floss and brush just as you might with normal teeth.

There are many kinds of dental crowns that may be used, which includes stainless steel, resin, porcelain, and ceramic (cosmetic crowns usually are made of ceramic or porcelain). Since, according to the CDA (Canadian Dental Association), there are cons and pros for each kind, you ought to have the dentist address your unique circumstances and make a suggestion about what’s better for your tooth.

Allow Markham Dental Centre to be a part of your radical transformation with crowns today.

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