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Most folks dread teeth cleanings. Between the strange noises, prodding, and periodic jaw discomfort, it is simple to understand this apprehension. However, for many, a teeth cleaning is painless and simple.

Knowing precisely what’s going on within the procedure may aid in easing your stress and permit you to better enjoy the fresh results.

Teeth Cleaning Winnipeg

Many teeth cleanings are done by a hygienist. Before the cleaning process actually begins, they begin with a physical examination of your whole mouth.

The hygienist uses a tiny mirror to check around your gums and teeth for any indications of inflamed gums or other possible concerns.

If they notice major issues, the hygienist may call the dentist to ensure that it is okay to proceed.

Remove tartar and plaque

With the mirror that guides them, the hygienist uses a scaler to remove tartar and plaque that surrounds the gum line, as well as in between the teeth. You will hear scraping; however, this is normal. The more tartar there is inside the mouth, the more time they will require to scrape a certain spot.

Flossing and brushing stops plaque from building and hardening into tartar. As there’s tartar, it’s only possible to get it removed at the dentist’s office. Therefore, if it’s your least favorite aspect of the process of teeth cleaning, the lesson includes brushing and flossing more often.

Toothpaste cleaning

After the teeth are thoroughly tartar-free, the dental hygienist brushes them using a high-powered brush that makes a grinding sound. While it does sounds frightening, it is an excellent method of getting a deep clean and removing any tartar that is left behind by the scaler.

Expert cleanings use a gritty toothpaste which tastes and smells like standard toothpaste, although you often can make a decision between flavors. But, it has a gritty texture which softly scrubs the teeth. If performed by an expert, this polishing of the teeth is considered safe to do two times a year. However, do not be as rough with your teeth at home, because you will wear down your enamel.

Professional floss

Whether you regularly floss at home or not, nothing will beat a professional flossing session. The hygienist may get deep between the teeth and find any possible trouble spaces in which you may bleed at the gums.


Then, you’ll rinse out your mouth to remove any debris. The hygienist usually will offer you a rinse containing fluoride.

Apply a fluoride treatment

The final step of the teeth cleaning process includes a fluoride treatment. The treatment is utilized as a protectant for the teeth to assist in fighting against cavities for months.

Routine visits to the hygienist is going to ensure that difficult to reach and hidden tartar and plaque is extracted from the teeth, killing bacteria, and, within some instances, removing surface stains that leave you with a brighter, fresher, and all-around healthier mouth.

Our array of hygienist services involves simplistic polish and scale sessions, preventative fluoride applications, through to stain-removing, cosmetic brightening treatments.

Allow the best winnipeg dentist to be a part of your radical transformation with cleaning/hygiene today.