Brushing and Flossing: Which Should Be Done First?

People oftentimes wonder if they should floss, brush, or rinse first. It’s a legitimate question which plenty of dental professionals don’t address for various reasons. As a matter of fact, some dental professionals don’t have an opinion as to whether your teeth should be flossed or brushed first.

Brush Then Floss or Floss Then Brush?

The answer to the question is that flossing first may assist in loosening pieces of plaque between your teeth, yet not everyone follows a certain method. What will matter is that folks floss and brush in a comprehensive way. If individuals don’t eliminate plaque from their teeth which causes decay, the health of their teeth will suffer. Brushing your teeth removes plaque from alongside the teeth’s surface. But, it doesn’t do the complete job of plaque removal.

It also is necessary that you clean in between your teeth each day with floss. Flossing will pluck out food pieces and additional debris from between your teeth in those small spaces a toothbrush can’t touch. Therefore, patients don’t have to worry themselves with the concern of flossing or brushing, whether one must floss or brush first. Patients must concentrate more on the cleaning quality.

Folks who suspect that they aren’t performing a full mouth cleaning, the dentist might suggest using plaque disclosing tablets you may buy over-the-counter at a pharmacy and other businesses which offer oral hygiene options. The person chews the tablets after they clean their mouth. They’ll emit red dye in spaces in which the plaque still is in place all throughout the mouth. The dye will stain these areas to identify parts which require a cleaning.

Why do some argue that you should floss first?

The conventional approach to cleaning the teeth is to floss first and then brush your teeth afterwards. Flossing will remove the pieces of food between your teeth. Once those tiny bits of plaque and food are loose, the toothbrush is going to brush them away.

Why do other people argue that you should brush first?

The toothbrush is going to remove most of the plaque on your teeth. Flossing after removal of plaque forces all leftover fluoride that is remaining on your teeth down into those small crevices which otherwise wouldn’t be reachable for toothbrush bristles/toothpaste.

Rely on both approaches, when in doubt

There are great arguments to brush before flossing and floss before brushing. The approach you use ultimately will hinge on your special preference, the feedback from the dentist and any additional helpful details you may obtain. If you aren’t certain as to which approach is ideal, try both. Try to floss before you brush every other day and do the opposite on those days in between. That way, the teeth will receive the potential benefits of both methods, so your oral cavity will stay in optimal condition regardless of which approach ultimately turns out to be demonstrated to be superior.

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