Winnipeg Dental Office Focusing On Customer Experience To Reduce Anxiety For Nervous Patients


Winnipeg Canada – Father and Son Dentists Markham Dental Center, are proud to announce that they are investing significant time and effort into education and training for every member of their team, in an effort to reduce the fear factor many people face, when visiting the dentist.

It is well documented that six-monthly check-ups can help to maintain the health of your teeth, but a large percentage of the general population avoids regular check-ups, due to anxiety, fear or worries about the process. Leon and Zach Stein, the owners of Markham Dental are convinced that they can help to reduce the anxiety felt by patients and they have implemented some processes within their company to try and tackle this very important issue.

All of their staff including the receptionists have received training on dealing with anxious patients, and been provided with techniques that can help to reduce anxiety. The center will also be running family days, where families can bring their young children to the dentist just to meet them, and have a simple talk from the dentist, in the hope that a child’s memory of the dentist is positive rather than negative.

“It doesn’t matter how good our treatments are if the patients don’t attend due to anxiety or fear,” said Zach Stein of Markham Dental Center. “It has long been acknowledged in the dental community that we have to find a way of encouraging regular dentist check-ups, particularly from a young age. We are convinced that by taking away the unknown aspect of the dentist and ensuring our team are all trained in helping to reduce anxiety, that we can help many more people get the professional dental treatment they need and deserve.”

Markham Dental Centre was founded over 30 years ago by Dr. Leon Stein. Their office provides the highest quality of oral care for all patients. They stand by work and always take the extra step to ensure everyone leaves satisfied. They work very closely with all types of oral health specialists in Manitoba and around Canada. Their policy is that they only commence any treatment if they feel they can 100% can do the best job for their patients. For more information about Markham Dental Center and the services they provide visit their website at