What’s Better for My Teeth: Dental Floss, Tape, or Floss Picks?

Not many people relish the idea of flossing their teeth on a daily basis. In fact, many of them go to extreme lengths in order to avoid doing just that. However, there are more tools available now than ever before to help you clean those pesky spaces between your teeth. This one step can help you to minimize your risk of cavities and cut back on the amount of intervention you will need from the dentist. The question is, what should you really be using?

Dental floss, tape, and floss picks are all advertised to give you the thorough cleaning that your teeth need. You should know what the main benefit of each one is to help you choose the best option for your teeth.

Dental Tape

Dental tape is ideal for individuals who have large spaces between their teeth that conventional floss won’t clean. It has a much wider surface area and a thicker texture to help fit into these places with more efficiency. If you have standard spaces between the teeth or relatively narrow crevices, dental tape isn’t going to be the right solution for you.

Dental Floss

This is the string that you most often see at the dentist’s office where your hygienist might wrap it around the fingers before starting to slide it between teeth. Dental floss comes in several varieties depending on your personal preferences. You can find flavored floss to enhance your minty fresh breath or stick with the plain version.

The other big difference is between wax and un-waxed versions. Waxed floss slides much smoother between the teeth, particularly those that have extremely narrow spaces between teeth. A package of un-waxed floss can be ideal for individuals who need a little help determining when their teeth are actually clean. It tends to squeak when it rubs against the clean tooth, whereas waxed floss will never make a sound.

Floss Picks

These have many of the same benefits as dental floss, but they don’t require the awkward wrapping motion that is difficult for some people. Floss picks are ideal for those who want to floss but find it too difficult and time-consuming to manage with regular floss or tape. Carrying these in your purse or pocket is also relatively convenient, making it easier than ever to floss while you’re away from home.

All in all, there are some extensive benefits for all of these items in your oral hygiene routine. You need to consider which ones will benefit you the most before you consider what to buy next time you’re at the store. Each one of these is absolutely essential to maintaining great oral health and preventing future cavities.

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