What Is Calculus & How To Get Rid Of It

Calculus is very tough. It’s the mathematical study of continuous change. Understanding it involves comprehending the limits of a function, derivatives, integers and the like. To “get rid of it” is a fairly strange notion. We could certainly get rid of our understanding of calculus, but whether or not that would get rid of calculus itself is an entirely different question. Do mathematics exist in a separate universe, independent of human understanding? They seem to govern the rules of physical interaction, even if…

Oh, wait. Wrong calculus. Let’s start again. 

Calculus is very tough. It’s the dental term for tartar, which is hardened plaque. Preventing it involves understanding the limits of your at-home oral health care routine, how to brush properly, how to floss, etc. To “get rid of it” is a totally reasonable notion. We can certainly get rid of calculus for you, but whether or not you can get rid of it yourself is an entirely different question. Can calculus exist in your mouth, independent of how well you brush and floss? Yes – that seems to be the case.

Now we’re on the right page.

You see, calculus only occurs when plaque builds up. Hypothetically, you could have an incredible oral health routine, in which you carefully remove every iota of plaque every time you brush. No plaque = no tartar, so you’d be good to go. Realistically, however, no one can remove all the plaque all the time – that’s why even dentists and dental hygienists get their teeth cleaned on a regular basis. You can, however, reduce calculus buildup by improving your oral health care routine – we can help with that.

Calculus can only be removed using specialized tools – don’t try it at home as you could seriously damage your mouth. That’s because calculus only develops when plaque has accumulated and hardened enough to not be removable by brushing alone. By definition, calculus can’t be removed safely with at-home remedies.

When you have an excess of calculus on your teeth, bad things start to happen. Your gums can become irritated and swollen. Calculus provides excellent shelter for bacteria, which can get into your gums. This can lead to more inflammations, infections, cavities, and other nasty oral health problems. Teeth cleanings remove the calculus and plaque from your mouth. We’ll also polish your teeth and add fluoride for remineralization.

We offer dental hygiene services in Winnipeg, along with a full suite of other dental services. While we might not be able to help you with calculus homework, we can definitely help you with the calculus you can’t work on at home. Hopefully, you’ve learned a bit about two kinds of calculus today; get in touch with us if you want to know more (about the second kind).