Tooth Fairy Tips

Losing your baby teeth is a rite of passage everyone has to go through; for many kids, it’s an exciting time, but for some it can be a bit scary. That’s why the Tooth Fairy is so wonderful; playing pretend with you child can help them get over some of the scarier elements of growing up. The most common Tooth Fairy trope is a lot of fun; the tooth goes under the pillow, and in the morning there’s a bit of money there instead! There are a lot of ways you might play up the Tooth Fairy fantasy, though, to make it an even more memorable experience for your child.

One way to add excitement to the event is by going out with your child and finding a special container for the tooth; it might be a dish, or an ornate box, or anything else your child thinks the Tooth Fairy would like! One of the main advantages of this method is that it gives your child a degree of agency over something they would otherwise have little control over. It’s also a nice way for them to start developing a sense of aesthetics without picking out something more expensive; amazing tooth containers can be found for cheap, and reused for every lost tooth!

To add to the realism of the event, you could have the Tooth Fairy record a tooth journal, with notes about the trip to take the tooth! You might include details about other teeth that were gathered that day, or other places in the world the Tooth Fairy travelled to. You can also include some notes about the tooth that was picked up; something like “I can tell you’ve been brushing well, because this tooth was beautiful” in order to get positive affirmation about your child’s brushing habits.

Another great way to add realism is by using props to show the Tooth Fairy’s visit! You might use glitter around the tooth container as magic dust that the Tooth Fairy uses to get around so quickly. You might use photo editing to create pictures of the Tooth Fairy in your home. You might create a recording of the Tooth Fairy’s voice. This is a tale of imagination and wonder, so the sky’s the limit; if you can think of it, it will probably be fun for your child!

Baby teeth are lost naturally, creating space for the adult teeth to grow in. Your adult teeth are sometimes called permanent teeth, because you’re really not supposed to lose them. There are, however, unfortunate times where adult teeth can be lost; this is especially common when blunt forces impact the mouth, causing a tooth to chip or be dislodged. This kind of tooth loss requires a trip to the emergency dentist in order to make sure everything is okay; if it is, put that tooth under a pillow, cross your fingers, and hope the emergency Tooth Fairy gives you something nice!