How Teeth Whitening Light Works


Can you really whiten your teeth using a small UV light? Dentists have started promoted a new type of teeth whitening that differs from the traditional tactic that only uses a hydrogen peroxide solution to remove old staining. You might find yourself skeptical that using a simple UV light can really make a difference in the overall brightness of your pearly white teeth. You aren’t the only one who has questions about how the whole process works. Most patients are rightfully skeptical until they see the final results.

If you’ve been wondering how the teeth whitening light really works, here is an inside glimpse at how you can get a blindingly beautiful smile.

Do you use the light with any chemicals?

The reason that the teeth whitening light really works is because it is used in conjunction with the regular teeth whitening process. UV light aids in the breakdown of hydrogen peroxide, the primary ingredient in professional whitening gels. Scientists are still researching to determine exactly which frequencies of light are considered most effective. However, it does appear that UV light that can be found in professional settings could be the most effective option for teeth whitening.

The UV light found in dental offices isn’t meant to replace traditional whitening procedures. It can help to speed up the whitening process with traditional treatments though.

Can I buy a teeth whitening light for home use?

You can definitely find teeth whitening lights for use at home, but they will not be as powerful. It is similar to buying the teeth whitening gels from the local drug store. They won’t have the same concentration of ingredients as what you would find in a professional variety. When it comes to purchasing a light, it might not be as strong or as effective as the variety found in dental offices.

Is the teeth whitening light safe?

There is one risk associated with using the UV light for the teeth whitening process. If you sit outside in the sun too long, you’re bound to discover some sunburn. The same applies to sitting under a UV light. You may encounter burns that you have never had before such as on your gums or other soft tissues around the mouth.

You may also have some tooth sensitivity from the whitening process as a whole. There are a few ways to minimize the amount of pain you will feel. For example, you can chew sugar-free gum or brush with specially-formulated toothpaste until some of the discomfort subsides. If you experience a lot of pain during the service, your dentist might decide to cut the whitening session short.

Your dentist’s office is the only place where you will find the UV lights necessary to whiten your teeth effectively this way. We can help you to get the dazzling smile you always dreamed of with less time spent in the office. The teeth whitening light can help to speed up the process and get you on your way. Be sure to call Markham Dental Centre today to ask about our extensive teeth whitening services!