Are Teeth Implants Painful?

Installing dental implants can be an exciting prospect if you are hoping for a beautiful smile once again. More people are opting for them than ever before with North America holding the second highest market revenue for dental implants. Many patients eagerly await the day their implants are ready to be installed in their gums. After the procedure is over, it will be a completely natural effect that easily mimics their original style. However, the waiting process gives patients a lot of time to think about what the procedure will be like. How much pain will the experience after their dental implants are placed?

It’s true that you will have some initial discomfort after your teeth implants are placed. Prepare yourself for the fact that it is a major procedure, but the pain should be manageable after the anesthesia wears off. Understanding what happens during the procedure can give you a better idea of what to expect.

How does the surgery work?

Implants are a process, but most people are very nervous about the initial stage of placing the implant in the gums. This tends to cause the most discomfort out of all the stages associated with this process. To get started, the dentist will make an incision in the gum line where he will place the implant into the bone of the jaw. The implant will attach to the jaw with a screw, effectively serving as the “root” of your new tooth.

Once the screw and the implant are secure, the dentist will stitch your gums back up. It may take several months to heal before the abutment can be placed.

Don’t worry about the procedure itself. While you will be awake for the surgery, your dentist will give you some local anesthetic to numb the area. Patients with healthy gums should have no issues with the procedure and a simple local anesthetic. Under other situations, your dentist could recommend full sedation.

What about after the surgery?

As you can imagine, the process of placing your dental implants can leave you feeling a little tender. Your gum tissue and bone both need to heal around the new dental implant. Expect to feel some discomfort after this procedure is over.

With the right aftercare, you can drastically minimize the amount of discomfort you will feel post-surgery. Take all of the antibiotics and painkillers your dentist prescribes, including any over-the-counter versions like ibuprofen. Use ice packs to reduce the swelling in your cheeks or chin, depending on the location of your implants.

Many people become eager to return to their normal routine after their implants are placed. Be careful what you eat and drink in the two weeks following your surgery. Eating foods that aren’t recommended can cause further damage and delay healing. Stick with soft foods and rinse with salt water after every meal to help speed up the healing.  

If you’re ready to have a natural smile after dental implants, it’s time for you to contact Markham Dental Centre for more details. We can help you get the smile you always dreamed of while making your teeth fit comfortably and naturally.