Straight Teeth vs. Crooked Teeth


If you had a choice, most people would prefer to be born with perfectly straight, pearly white teeth instead of a crooked jumble. The top dentists in Winnipeg tend to agree that straight teeth are better than crooked teeth, but why is it so important? Your smile is one of the key ways that others will perceive you. Upon first meeting someone, a welcoming smile could be the very first thing they notice as you reach out to shake their hand.

What does a straight smile really say about you in comparison to a crooked one?

Straight Teeth Mean More Success

It’s impossible for a simple element of your appearance to ultimately mean that you’re more successful than someone else. However, this is a prevalent perception about people who have straight smiles in comparison to those who do not. According to research studies, people who have a straight smile are often perceived as more professional and more likely to obtain financial prosperity.

After surveying Americans and asking them to compare pictures of people with straight teeth and crooked teeth, the results were clear. Most individuals thought the photos with straight teeth were 45 percent more likely to get the job, even when the credentials were similar. People with straight smiles were rated as 58 percent more likely to be successful and wealthy.

This perception makes sense when you consider that your smile is one of the first things people will notice about your physical appearance. Individuals who have straight teeth and beautiful smiles tend to be more likely to flash a winning smile upon meeting someone for the first time. A smile is an invitation to a warm and friendly conversation, which could certainly contribute to your overall success in the professional realm.


Straight Teeth Mean a Better Love Life

Are you struggling to find a good date on Friday nights? The culprit could actually be your crooked teeth instead of your personality. The same study we looked at earlier also concluded that people with straight teeth were far more likely to get a date and to be able to keep a relationship moving past the first date.

When you have a difficult time finding a partner, many people turn to dating websites to help them find one. The primary tool to pique someone’s interest on your page is your personal photo. Subconsciously, most people would prefer a beautiful smile. It makes sense that people with straight smiles are 57 percent more likely to get a date based on their appearance.

It doesn’t stop there though. Close to forty percent of Americans would not go on a second date with someone who doesn’t have a beautiful smile. More people would choose to date someone who lives with their parents instead of someone who has a crooked smile.

Straight Teeth Mean Fewer Headaches

Individuals who suffer from almost chronic headaches may want to consider what role their teeth play. Teeth that don’t align properly can cause uneven wear on your jaw muscles. You may not even be able to chew your food properly as a result of your misaligned teeth. This can lead to swallowing the food whole and further digestive issues in the coming hours.

However, the more immediate concern is the jaw pain that causes headaches in some people. Chewing is unique for everyone, but you often chew evenly across all of your teeth when you have a straight smile. When you have misaligned teeth, you may tend to chew on one side more frequently than the other. Some teeth may do the majority of the work when it comes to chewing up your food.

This pattern of excessive wear on certain parts of the mouth can have big implications for your jaw. Too much jaw pressure can lead to a headache. When this is your routine pattern, it makes sense that the cause of chronic headaches could very well be your crooked teeth.

Straight Teeth Mean Fewer Dental Bills

Crooked teeth can be difficult to keep up with. Because the teeth may be very close together or have large gaps between them, daily dental hygiene can be extremely challenging. Food particles are more likely to get stuck between teeth in places where your toothbrush or dental floss doesn’t reach.

Over time, this will form mineralized plaque and cause a host of issues for your smile. You may experience more cavities, root canals, or even extractions as a direct result of your tooth alignment. Compared to individuals who have straight teeth and a simpler time maintaining their oral health, those who have crooked teeth will likely spend more on dental bills over the course of their lifetime.

Straight Teeth Can Boost Confidence

If it isn’t obvious already, many people with misaligned teeth are very self-conscious about their overall appearance. They may hesitate to smile in photographs, to smile when meeting others, and even to laugh at a funny joke on a date. A less-than-perfect smile can cause self-esteem to plummet, no matter how wonderful you may be in other areas of your life.

Because straight teeth are seen as the ideal, a quick fix for your smile can mean significant gains in confidence. People with straight smiles are thought to be more youthful, healthy, and attractive. You may even subconsciously apply these attributes to yourself when you look in the mirror once your smile is corrected.

Fortunately, there are ways to correct your smile and align your teeth without the unsightly metal brackets and wires. Markham Dental Centre is proud to offer Invisalign as the clear alternative to braces. You will use a series of custom aligners that are virtually invisible to slowly shift teeth into the proper position. Throughout the process, you’ll notice your progress every step of the way for an instant confidence boost.

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