Stay Hydrated

Canada’s Food Guide recommends making water your drink of choice. You hear all about how we’re not drinking enough water, how you should be drinking 8 glasses of water a day, and how sugary, sweet drinks are contributing to a drastic rise in obesity. Your oral health care professionals want you to stay hydrated, too; there are a lot of advantages to choosing water for your overall oral health.

Wash Your Hands, Wash Your Mouth

When you drink sugary drinks, sugar and acid can contribute to tooth decay. Pop, fruit juice, and other similar drinks contribute to oral health problems. Water, conversely, washes away food particles every time you drink it, leaving nothing behind. When you drink water, you’re not only hydrating your body, you’re also washing your mouth – how nice is that?

Fluoride is Good

There are a lot of painful misconceptions about fluoride; you can read more about those in this post. The City of Winnipeg has fluoridated water; that means every time you drink tap water, you’re strengthening your teeth against cavities, as the fluoride is essential in the formation of a substance known as fluorapatite, which is more resistant to the acid bacteria create to wear through your enamel.

Keep Your Mouth Moist

Dry mouth can cause a number of problems for your oral health. Your saliva is instrumental in combating cavities; when your body doesn’t have enough water, it has trouble producing saliva. Saliva, too, helps to create the fluorapatite that we talked about earlier; in other words, water is contributing a lot to strengthening your teeth against cavities.

Lower Your Risk of Diseases That Affect Your Mouth

There are a number of diseases that are linked with obesity, many of which can cause problems for your oral health. Diabetes can lead to a reduction in saliva production which, as we’ve discussed, can lead to problems. Those with diabetes can also experience higher rates of gingivitis. Obesity can also contribute to acid reflux; the pressure caused by the excess belly fat around the stomach is theorized to cause the stomach acid to push towards the esophagus. Acid reflux can deteriorate your oral health, as the acidity contributes to tooth decay. Reducing your intake of sugary beverages decreases your chances of obesity.

That’s a whole lot of reasons you should drink water to take care of your oral health. Drinking water will also increase your well-being all around. That means you might have more mental fortitude – fortitude which could be used to improve your oral health habits, like brushing twice a day and flossing once a day. When you feel sick or tired, it’s a lot more difficult to keep good habits, so drinking water instead of sugary beverages is a good idea. Sugary beverages can also make some people feel lethargic – cut them out, and you might find you have a lot more energy. Looking for more oral health tips? Go to a dental clinic Winnipeg has trusted for years, and talk to the dentists; they’ll have advice to keep you feeling your best.