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Root Canal

A Root Canal is required when teeth become severely decayed, as the pulp (nerve) can become inflamed or infected where we need to perform a procedure to clean the root of the tooth. This is a painless procedure where patients are relieved of sensitivity they may have associated with a tooth. Once the root of the tooth is cleaned and filled we always recommend a crown (cap) to be placed. The crown protects the weakened tooth and prevents it from breaking in the future. At Markham Dental Centre we do everything possible to save our patients teeth.

Will it Hurt?

The biggest misconception we hear is that a root canal will be painful, something that may have been true in the past. Today however, with advanced anesthesia and new surgical techniques - the procedure is as comfortable as getting a simple filling. The usual culprit to any significant tooth pain is an infected tooth (pre-root canal) and a root canal is perfect the solution to this painful problem. In some cases, tooth pulp that has been infected can cause a tooth abscess and can destroy the bone surrounding the tooth.

Root Canal Step-by-Step

Dr. Leon Stein has over 30 years in dealing with Root Canals and strives to ensure a pain-free experience.

Root Canal Smile

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