Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Skip Your Regular Dental Check-Up

There are so many reasons not to skip your dental check-up that we won’t be able to list them all here. You shouldn’t skip your physical, you shouldn’t skip regular appointments with your optometrist, your physiotherapist, your psychologist, or any other health care professionals. The same holds true for dentistry. Here are a few of the many reasons:

You Might Be Sick

No bait and switch here – we’re putting the most important reason first. You might be sick, or you might get sick if you don’t solve certain dental problems. On the one hand, this means care for lesser ills – cavities, gingivitis, and the like. Taking care of these things early can stop them from progressing into more serious problems. We want to get to the root of these things before you need a root canal, so to speak.

There are a host of other illnesses dentists might be able to detect before other healthcare professionals do. Signs of illnesses like mouth cancer and diabetes can be spotted by your dentist – the earlier you learn about these diseases, the better the prognosis tends to be.

Habit Forming is Important

Why would you go to the dentist when you never go to the dentist? That sentence might be a bit funny to read, but it encapsulates the trick of habit forming – when you never do something, you’re not going to be inclined to suddenly start doing it. When you make dental appointments regularly, you’ll be more inclined to keep them. What’s more, your dentist will be able to help you with your own oral health care routine, giving you tips and tricks so you can improve your health at home. Habit forming and regularity go hand-in-hand.


When you go for a dental exam, you’ll almost always get a dental cleaning along with it. There’s a good reason for this – tartar can’t be removed with just a toothbrush. Tartar creates a feeding ground for bacteria, and it can irritate your gums, causing gingivitis and other health problems.

The secondary advantage of cleanings, though? Your teeth are going to look their best. Once all of that tartar is scaled off, your teeth get polished, and you can expect your smile to look great right after a cleaning. Your breath might smell better, too! While your health is our top priority, the aesthetic benefits are nothing to sneeze at.

There you have it – three of the many reasons you shouldn’t skip your regular appointment. Has it been awhile since your last check-up? Get in touch with our dental clinic in Winnipeg. We’ll schedule an appointment for you, send you reminders so you don’t forget, check on your oral health, and get your smile looking amazing. We offer a whole suite of oral health services, so no matter what you need, we’ll be able to help!