How Often Should I Get a New Toothbrush?

Most people rely on their dentist to hand out their new toothbrush every six months. This can be problematic if your semi-annual checkup has been delayed due to scheduling or funding for your next appointment. Some people try to make their toothbrush stretch eight months or longer because they simply don’t realize when to change it. When should you start shopping for a new toothbrush at the store?

There are a few telltale signs that your toothbrush’s lifespan is coming to an end. Unfortunately, not many people realize these signs, and they could be doing damage to their teeth. A worn-out toothbrush isn’t going to be able to clean your teeth as effectively, leading to an increased risk of gum disease and cavities. Here are a few ways that you can tell when your toothbrush needs to be replaced.

How long should a toothbrush last?

If you are brushing your teeth twice a day for two minutes each time, then your toothbrush should really last only three to four months. Some of this will depend on how vigorously you brush your teeth. A person who scrubs very hard can damage the bristles much faster than someone else who only gently brushes their teeth.

How do you know when your toothbrush should be replaced?

Think about what a toothbrush looks like when it is new, before you’ve even used it. The bristles are straight and hard. You can separate all of them and they still move right back to their initial place. They should make neat little rows all over the head of the toothbrush. When your toothbrush stops resembling this picture, it’s time for you to pick up a new one from the grocery store.

A toothbrush with frayed or matted bristles should always be replaced. The bristles can’t effectively do their job when they are in this condition, spread out across the head of the toothbrush. They won’t be able to get around your gums or in the spaces between teeth as effectively.

If you have been sick frequently, this is also a great time to replace your toothbrush. They can harbor bacteria over time, causing you to continuously infect yourself. This could also be very important if you store your toothbrush beside others. You wouldn’t want bacteria to migrate from your toothbrush to someone else’s, so it’s best to simply replace it and avoid the whole scenario.

Keep your new toothbrush fresh

In order to help your new toothbrush last as long as possible, you should always rinse it thoroughly after use. Store it vertically in the open air so that it can dry. This prevents the growth of bacteria. If you aren’t sure when to replace your toothbrush, be sure to keep extras on hand so they are available whenever you realize a new one is needed.

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