Is It Difficult To Eat With Partial Dentures?


There are a lot of reasons why you might need partial dentures, and a lot of advantages to getting them. One of the main reasons for getting partial dentures? To make it easier to eat. After all, when you’re missing teeth, you have fewer tools to chew with. When you eat, you’ll eat with your partial dentures in – they’ll make chewing more effective, but are they difficult to use?


The answer to that question, of course, varies from person to person, but in the long run your partial dentures should be easy to eat with. In fact, when your dentures are properly fitted, eating with them should be a breeze – not too different from when you had natural teeth in place of your dentures.


There are a couple of exceptions to this rule. The first exception occurs, unsurprisingly, when you first get your partial dentures. New partials may require adjustments, and wearing a new dental prosthetic is almost always going to feel a bit weird at first. One of the ways you can adjust more easily to new dentures is by chewing soft foods, preferably cut up into bite-sized pieces. Try to chew on both sides of your mouth. MouthHealthy has more info on removable partial dentures – you should check that resource out!


The second exception occurs when you’ve had your partial dentures for a fairly long time. After a few weeks, your dentures will be well-adjusted, and you’ll be used to them – your dentist will have identified any trouble spots and adjusted your dentures appropriately. Problems can start to arise, however, after a few years.


As you age, your mouth may start to shift, causing your partial dentures to stop fitting properly. As you chew, you may feel friction or pain from your partials. Ongoing use of ill-fitted partials can result in sores and even infection. If you notice that eating with your partial dentures is causing you discomfort, talk to your dentist right away.


Aside from these corner cases, you should be able to eat almost anything with your partial dentures! We’re talking chewy foods, gum, and even hard foods – though we recommend avoiding jawbreakers, whether you’ve got dentures or not. This is, after all, the point of dentures. They restore your mouth’s ability to do what it does best – eat!


Looking for advice on caring for your partial dentures? Looking to get partial dentures in order to restore your ability to enjoy food? Get in touch with us. Our dental office in Winnipeg has decades of experience in crafting the perfect dentures for our patients, so we’re ready and able to help!