Facts About Dental Care in Manitoba

Your oral health is a key component of your overall health; bad oral health can be a cause of everything from diabetes to heart disease, and a regular check-up with a dentist can help you spot signs of concern long before they develop into anything life-threatening. In Canada, healthcare is regulated by the provinces, so there are a few important things to know about when looking into dental care in Manitoba.

Dentistry in Manitoba is overseen by the Manitoba Dental Association, which gets its power from an Act of Government, and has a government-appointed member on its board. Dentists are required to pass stringent exams, and there is a myriad of licensing requirements which include continuing education to ensure your dentist is up to date with the latest trends in oral health. The Association maintains a database of professionals, so you can verify the standing of your practitioner.

Many medical treatments are covered by Manitoba Health; dentistry, generally speaking, is not. This means you’ll need a private insurer to acquire dental insurance; alternatively, you can pay out of pocket yourself. The exception is found in oral surgery; should you find yourself hospitalized, and in need of such a surgery, Manitoba Health may well pay the costs.

There is some amount of financial relief to be found outside of private insurance; if you are First Nations or Inuit, you may be covered under Indigenous Services Canada’s Non-Insured Health Benefits Program. For a lower cost option, you can also have dentistry done by dental students; at the University of Manitoba’s Dental Clinic, fees can be around 50% less than those proposed by the Manitoba Dental Association Fee Guide.

Dentists recognize the gap between those who can afford to pay for care, and those who need care but find it out of reach. Volunteerism is thus incredibly important to dentists, who provide millions of dollars worth of services for free in order to bridge the gap and help the most vulnerable people in our province.

Dental care is well worth the investment; as with anything, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Recognizing this, the City of Winnipeg has fluoridated it’s water since 1956. Fluoridation is inexpensive, effective, and safe; the levels of fluoride in Winnipeg’s water system has no known adverse health effects. Fluoride prevents tooth decay and encourages oral health.

Manitobans need great dental care in order to keep them happy and healthy; it’s likely your employer is already covering you for most preventive services; there’s also frequently coverage for orthodontics on most employer-provided plans. Yearly consultation with your dentist is important; without it, you might miss key problems that can be further aggravated without care. Looking for a Winnipeg dental office? Get in touch with us so we can create a plan for your oral health. We’ll make sure your smile looks it’s best, and that you have as many reasons to use it as possible.