The Markham Dental Centre was founded over 30 years ago by Dr. Leon Stein. Our office provides the highest quality of oral care for all patients. We stand by work and always take the extra step to ensure everyone leaves satisfied. We work very closely with all types of oral health specialists in Manitoba and around Canada. Our policy is that we only commence any treatment if we feel we 100% can do the best job for you. If we feel that a particular treatment would be better suited for a dental specialist, we always let you know first. Your oral health care is what is most important to us, and sometimes a referral is best.

Markham Dental Centre

Markham Centre Dentists, Drs. Leon and Dr. Stephanie Sokal graduated from the University of Manitoba. For both, honesty and patients satisfaction always comes first at the Markham Dental Centre. Our office follows the most recent and up to date infection control protocol. We will treat all patients of all ages, with or without insurance plans. Education and supporting our community is very important to us. We also often have great discounts for students across the road at the University of Manitoba. Our office is always updating with a state-of the art reception room with wide-screen plasma TV's and a video game facility for our younger patients.In our operatories, we have computers to show patients exactly what is happening inside of their mouths, which may magnified up to 20x. Also available, we have a large, fully retractable touch-screen TV/DVD/PC, which is an absolute hit with our younger kids during their cleaning or other appointment.

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