Are Veneers Helpful In Fixing Overbite?


“Fixing” a problem is often a matter of perspective. Imagine you have a bike that has multiple gears, and it breaks down. You go to someone to get the bike fixed, and they tell you that they can repair it so that it works in only one gear, but not in any others, or that they can fix all of the gears, but that the job will be more expensive. If you only use one gear anyway, you might consider the first option a perfectly suitable fix, and one that will cost you far less money.

So it is with veneers and “fixing” overbites. Almost everyone has at least a little bit of an overbite – anytime your upper front teeth overlap your lower front teeth, it’s considered an overbite, even if it’s almost unnoticeable. Most of the time when people talk about overbites, they’re actually referring to severe overbites like deep bites, or overbites which cause gaps between teeth.

Veneers are not orthodontic devices. Orthodontics deals specifically with teeth and jaws that are improperly positioned, and orthodontic devices are used in order to correct the positioning of the teeth and jaw. Veneers, on the other hand, are cosmetic devices, used to improve the look of teeth. As such, veneers aren’t helpful in correcting the position of your teeth. If you want orthodontic treatment that’s quite a bit more than just surface level –  veneers are not the way to go. You can learn about the advantages of correcting misaligned teeth, and some of the dangers of leaving them be, on this Orthodontics 101 page. 

At this point, you may be thinking to yourself “Okay, so veneers aren’t helpful in fixing an overbite”. That’s not entirely true, however. Getting veneers can be less expensive than getting orthodontics, and while they won’t correct the underlying issues causing your deep bite, they can improve the look of your smile. Gaps between teeth can often accompany deeper overbites. You can use veneers to cover those gaps, and that can improve the look of your smile. This can be very important for people with forward-facing jobs. 

We’ll almost always recommend orthodontic treatment if an overbite is serious enough to warrant correction. That said, we understand that, for a wide variety of reasons, our patients may be unable or unwilling to get orthodontic treatment. We try to curb this by offering a wide variety of treatments, from braces to Invisalign, but veneers can be very effective if you’re just looking for a cosmetic fix.

Looking for a Winnipeg veneers dentist you can trust? Get in touch with us. We’ve got decades of experience with cosmetic and orthodontic dentistry, so we can assess your needs and help you find the treatment that best suits you. We’ll go over your dental history, evaluate how severe your overbite is, talk to you about any potential health concerns, then create a plan to help you move forward with your best smile.