4 Things You Should Know Before Your Dental Implant Surgery

Are you eager to get rid of the gap left by missing teeth? Most patients can hardly wait to have their dental implants placed so that their smile can be both whole and beautiful again. This surgery is a relatively common procedure that your dentist has likely done hundreds of times. Things are likely to go smoothly for you so that you can emerge with the beautiful smile that you have been dreaming about.

However, there are a few things that you may want to be aware of before your surgery day arrives. Here are some of the more important things that all patients should keep in mind before they have dental implants placed.

Not everyone is a great candidate for dental implants

Do you have healthy gums? There has to be enough bone inside of your gums for the dental implants to anchor into. If you have any type of condition that could erode this bone or eat away at the gums, you might need to reconsider whether dental implants are for you. Discuss any concerns that you might have with your dentist before the day of your surgery.

You will have to change your diet temporarily

Having dental implants placed is a major medical procedure, even if it is a relatively common one. Your dentist is going to be placing the anchors for your new implants into your bone. This can lead to excessive swelling and pain that will be managed through medication during your first few days home. Plan to eat only soft foods for the first week or two while your mouth heals from the work that has been done. Purchase soups, yogurts, and applesauce to help ease the transition to your new dental implants.

You won’t immediately receive your artificial tooth

Many people think that they will go in for their procedure and walk out with a shiny set of pearly white teeth immediately. Unfortunately, this really isn’t the case with dental implants. The anchor for your new tooth is placed several months prior to the tooth itself. This gives it time to fuse properly with the bone in your jaw, giving you a more permanent solution to your missing teeth. You might still receive a bridge or a temporary crown to help minimize the appearance of your missing teeth in the meantime.

Take care of them well

Once your dental implants are in there, you actually take care of them the same as you would a normal tooth. Plan to brush them regularly, floss around them, and use mouthwash to rid your mouth of bacteria. You even need to have semi-annual cleanings from your dentist to help keep your implants in great shape for years to come.

Having your dental implants placed can be an exciting way to improve your appearance dramatically. Be prepared for your surgery with some of these top tips to help ensure that you will have a natural smile after dental implants. Markham Dental Centre can help you to get the smile you’ve always dreamed about!