10 Worst Behaviors for Teeth

You regularly floss and brush and see the dentist two times per year for professional checkups and cleanings. Great job! Consistent oral hygiene is the basis of a healthy smile. However, for all of your positive effort, you might be doing other things within your day-to-day life which are putting your teeth’s health at risk!

Here are ten behaviors which may cause either instant damage to the teeth (like cracking or chipping) or damage over a period of time.

Using the Incorrect Toothbrush

Utilizing a brush that is too hard may cause the gums to recede, as well as abrasion damage to the root surfaces of teeth. A multi-tufted, soft-bristled brush is ideal.

Brushing Too Frequently and Forcefully

Even with the proper toothbrush, it’s possible to still irritate gums and damage teeth by applying it too forcefully. A soft whisking is all that is necessary to break up bacterial buildup on the surfaces of the teeth. Ask your dental professional about the right method if you aren’t sure.

In addition, brushing too often may be damaging over a period of time. Two times per day — night and morning — is enough.

Plus, brushing right after you eat may erode enamel on teeth, which is weakened by acidity in beverages and foods.

Nail Biting

This anxious habit will exert “parafunctional” bite forces which may wear teeth down and cause small chips and fractures.

Clenching and Grinding

Bruxing, the word for jaw clenching and tooth grinding, exerts excess bite forces which may result in fractures or looseness, tooth wear, jaw pain and additional symptoms. Oftentimes, it occurs when people sleep; a night guard may assist in protecting against damage.

Chewing on Ice Cubes

A few blenders have specialized blades to crunch through the ice cubes; think about the effect of doing precisely the same thing with the teeth! The force it’ll take the teeth to crunch through frozen water is way beyond what they are designed to stand up to.

Using Teeth as Tools

Teeth are made for eating, and not for tearing tags off clothes, unscrewing bottle tops, or ripping open bags of chips. Misusing teeth is a recipe for cracks, chips, and fractures.

Playing Sports Without Using a Mouth Guard

Mouth guards are a vital athletic equipment piece which may protect the teeth from blows to the head and face and decrease the risk of lost or broken teeth, cut lips and additional damage.

Dry Mouth

Saliva is critical to oral health, as it’ll neutralize enamel-damaging acidity inside the mouth and has minerals which strengthen enamel. Dry mouth will increase your risk of bad breath, cavities, and enamel erosion.

Sugary Beverages and Foods

Sugary drinks and foods increase the risk of decay. Carbohydrates and sugar are favorite treats for specific oral bacteria, which generate cavity-causing acid when digested.

Serial Soda or Coffee Drinking

Soda and coffee are very acidic. Sipping them all throughout the day will bathe the teeth in damaging acidity and does not give saliva an opportunity to neutralize it.

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